Directional Liquidity for Ethereum

Poolshark is a directional AMM where users can profit from volatility with less maintenance. Traders can now be LPs too.

Launch Testnet
Poolshark UI elements

Directionally balance your LP Position

Protect against loss from volatility by buying the in-demand side of the liquidity pool. Average into your asset of choice to catch moves in the market.

ETH and DAI Balance

Cover Directional Moves

Impermanent Loss Mitigation

Directionally balance your LP position by choosing the winning side. Average in as the reference price moves and capture profits using Price Pools.

Auction Off Liquidity

As each price tick unlocks liquidity, an auction will take place to automatically find the market price for you.

Take a bullish entry

Never miss a directional move again by accounting for the expected volatility range.

Save Gas on Multiple Liquidations

Cover Positions avoid the negative externalities of being on the swap side: gas fees, swap fees, and front-running.

Automagically Closing Range Orders

Price Pools offer Directional Range Orders to simulate a take-profit. Each pool has two discrete liquidity curves so traders always get the best price on either side.

basket of eth tokens

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