Traders can now provide liquidity too.

Poolshark is a cutting-edge AMM where users can create directional positions to profit from volatility. Traders are able to utilize their orders to provide liquidity.

Setting a new standard for DeFi user experience

Poolshark uses a very minimalist and simple interface which allows users to create, view and manage their positions with ease. We are working to improve it constantly!

Use a different pool for each one of your needs

Poolshark has 3 different types of pools: Range, Cover & Limit. These all have several different use cases that fit each one of your on-chain needs.

We are bringing completely new liquidity primitives to the table...

Cover Pools

Your price

Rebalance Your Portfolio

Dynamically rebalance your holdings as the prices moves. Hedge out other trades in your portfolio to protect against moves in the market.

Your price

Reduce Risk and Losses

As the current price enters your price range, your liquidity is unlocked similar to a stop-loss.

Your price

Take a Bullish Entry

Never miss a directional move again by accounting for the expected volatility.

Limit Pools(Range Limit Orders)

Your price

Scale Into Trades

Uncertain about where the market price will go? Select a range for your order to get filled in one single call.

Your price

Exact Execution

Lock in an exact price with limit swaps, a new way to trade your favorite tokens.

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Gas Efficient

Our on-chain execution is proven to have less of a cost for users. As the price moves you have the same gas cost.

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